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March 18-19, 2023

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Call for papers / speakers is open until March 1st .
All presentations/talks should be original content!

Presentations can be 20 or 50 minutes. We are looking for talks on breaking web stuff, building security, defending networks, attacking connected systems, wireless and radio hacks, and other relevant security topics. Vendor pitches will not be accepted.

Workshops offer hands-on training on a specific topic. Prior workshops have included lock picking, hardware hacking, Android app security auditing, cheating to win video games, and network forensics.

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Security BSides Sofia 2023
(Date: March 18-19, 2023)

Security BSides is a community-driven framework for building events by and for information security community members. These events are already happening in major cities all over the world! We are responsible for organizing an independent Security BSides-Approved event for Sofia, Bulgaria.

The idea

The idea behind the Security BSides events is to organise an open (and low cost) Information Security conference where professionals, experts, researcher, and InfoSec enthusiasts come together to discuss the next "big thing".

BSides is not restricted only to ethical hacking, but instead the conference is open to a wide range of subjects related to security such as incident response, IoT security, computer forensics, security standards and of course compliance.

Our goal

To bring a well-known event to the InfoSec community in Bulgaria, where professionals, academics and researchers can participate for free and educate themselves on various InfoSec related disciplines.

The event will also provide an opportunity to students, rookies and security enthusiasts to get involved and be heard in a worldwide exposed event. Professionals from all over Europe, and especially from Bulgaria and Cyprus, will have the opportunity to meet and network during the conference.

Who is organising this event?

The short answer to this is YOU. This is what makes these events so successful and a unique experience. Security BSides events are organized: the community, for the community

Behind the scenes to drive the event are a number of people, professionals in the area of Information Security, who decided to take the first steps and bring this global event in Bulgaria.

Our sponsors, our volunteers, our community supporters, our speakers, our delegates and more importantly you. Support this initiative to have a Security BSides event in Sofia.

Join Us

Get Involved with Security BSides Sofia! You can sponsor the event, help out on the day as a volunteer, present at the conference, attend talks and workshops, participate in competitions and most importantly, enjoy the day and have fun. Participate, network, learn, interact and share ideas with security minded people from all over the world. #BSidesSofia


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Contact us today to become a sponsor for Security BSides Sofia 2023

There are several opportunities available for Sponsors at different levels. We are open to hear from you in what way would you prefer to sponsor and support the event. For example, sponsors in the past have donated different types of swag, books, prizes for the CTF winners, tickets to other events, or training opportunities.

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